Winter Park Colorado

We left at 6am to fly to Denver for our first Winter Break trip! I had to check a bag because we had a snowsuit, snow pants and boots in our luggage! It was a lot to bring because of course we had to keep warm! We landed at 7:30 and my goodness that airport stinks! I don’t know if it needs to be cleaned,but walking off Sweetie Pie and I both go “It stinks!” Trust me, I am never one to talk about smells,but this was ridiculous. It smelled like a house with animals that is never clean. I waited til we came back to leave and it still smelled the same way. Maybe it’s just me though.

Anyway, the first day, we went right from the airport up the mountain. The altitude is like 9k feet. I didn’t think about this in the beginning. It never crossed my mind since I’d been to the Smoky Mountains before, I just figured it was the same.


The Smoky mountains are only a 1k feet or so, the Rockies? 9k!

That first day, Sweetie Pie got a headache. I was worried, but she went to sleep early, so I was thinking it was waking up at 2am and the time change. When I went to sleep, I woke up every few hours gasping for air! I swear I thought I was having a heart attack, then I Googled and saw altitude sickness. I know now if we go back, to stay in Denver for a day to try to get used to the altitude.

Anyway, the first day, we walked around Winter Park, rode the Cabriolet and got in the hot tub. I didn’t want to get in the hot tub, but once I saw how warm it was, I loved it.

Here’s the breakdown of our trip:

                                 Southwest, round trip $285 total

                                 Changed flights, $20 more

                         Snowmobile riding- 9 to 4, walk in basis, $20 with  Grand Adventures

                        Coca Cola tube park $23 each  Coca-Cola Tubing

The Vintage Hotel- $349.27 for 2 nights  Vintage Hotel

Ski pants, snow suit, mittens for both of us- $40.60 (Target)

A bus stop. They were free!0220181155_resized

Me, freezing in front of our hotel.0221181057a_resized


Here’s Sweetie Pie about to go tubing. Yes, we fell off. Never again!0221181217_resized0221181224_resized


Outside our hotel0222181405_resized

Here she is driving a snowmobile! There was a place that rented kid snowmobiles where they rode around on a lake. It was super cold, which is obvious if you look at the temp.That’s what it felt like as we waited at the bus stop to ride over to the snowmobile place.


We MIGHT take a cold weather trip again, but it will be a long time in the future. LOL!


Colorado Update

Our Colorado trip is coming up soon!

I chose the The Vintage Hotel. It’s right next to a lift right up to the Village and the Coca Cola Tubing Park  place is right behind it. I’ll be buying those tickets soon.

I had been putting off our transportation from the airport. There is transportation from Winter Park themselves, which was $222 for Sweetie Pie and myself. I didn’t like that price, so I kept searching. 

There is a Greyhound that goes to Winter Park once a day. It didn’t go at our times, so I had to pass it.

There is also a train, an Amtrak that runs from Denver to Winter Park, but it’s only on the weekend. So sadly we had to pass that as well. I REALLY wanted to ride the train but oh well.

I chose the transportation from Winter Park, but I went through Expedia to buy it so I could get cash back from Ebates! It was $204, so I did save a little bit.

Now we just sit back and wait for our trip day to arrive!


Winter Break and updates

I’ve been SWAMPED with work, classes at night and raising Sweetie Pie so I have not been blogging like I should!

We don’t have plans for the 2 weeks we are out for Christmas and I REALLY wanted to find something, but nothing was pulling me in at the time. I’m not ready to fly over the Atlantic again. Seriously, I must have been so excited to survive 8 hrs on a plane! LOL!

I did decide we’ll go to Denver for our winter break. I’ve been really wanting to go to Colorado. I wanted to ride the train, but we aren’t out that long. LOL! I’m looking into The Curtis but not sure yet. I’m 75% sure I’ll choose this hotel. The rooms are themed and it would be quite interesting to stay in the Barbie rooms!

I also got our flights there and back pretty cheap—$285 round trip total for the 2 of us. I had to jump on it. I just hope it snows while we are there. February should yield snow…at least I hope so! Sweetie Pie is looking for it.

April cruise- I have $64 left on our cruise! I’ve paid over $700 so far with my apps, which will mean I paid $528 of my own money for a 3 night Disney cruise when I finish this last amount. I joined an Ibotta group and my savings are exploding! Yes!

Summer- Still no idea on what to do this summer. I’d love to stay somewhere for a couple of weeks, but not sure if that would be possible. Maybe one day!


Woodruff Arts Center- Family Fun

On Sundays, the Woodruff Arts Center has free family fun activities! We completed a mask and tried out some Shakespeare dancing. We only watched the acting classes! We also went to the High Museum of Art’s Sifly Piazza to see the Merry Go Zoo. These things were art pieces that can move, so cool! There was also a playroom for 0 to 3 years old based off of the book, Beautiful Blackbird. They also do theater for the young (0 to 5)and the play that month was of course, Beautiful Blackbird. I think each month the playroom is changed to the current play. Very interesting and connects a lot!

Day 4, Dr.Seuss breakfast

We woke up to Havana and would leave port at 11:30 am. We didn’t plan to go anywhere on shore as we had the Dr.Seuss breakfast.

We made reservations and paid the $5 each fee for the breakfast. We went to the dining room and it was decorated so cute!


I had the waffles and sausage and Sweetie Pie had the stack of pancakes, which I forgot to take a picture of!


There was an awesome menu as well!

We also got a parfait just because! It was pretty good surprisingly!

After breakfast, we spent the day at the pool. Havana tired us out so we  didn’t have energy to do much. Sweetie pie loved the kids pool, so I spent that time laying in the sun and taking a dip in the adult pool when I got super hot!



This was the day we arrived in Havana! We pulled in about 11:30 and EVERYONE came out to look at it! I’ve been on cruises before but I have NEVER seen the crew come out and look! It was Carnival’s Inaugural cruise, so I should have expected it.



We looked out and went down. Since we had our own excursion booked, we had to get a letter and they would call us to get of the ship. That was at 11. Since it was new, they said it would take a few hours to get off the ship. We went to the promenade deck to sit and look at Havana. Our tour was at 1:30 so I was already worrying. I logged into my email to email the company I used, so hopefully they would hold our car.

At about 12:30, they said anyone can start coming down. We get down to get off and there are barely any people down there. I know it was the first time, but come on! We get down and go through immigration. My mom and sister go through theirs and my daughter and I go through ours. People said they were unfriendly, not really, just more, I’m here to do my job. I was hoping the people would be like the French, keep to themselves, not talk much….WRONG! LOL! They are VERY friendly! Not that they French are, just more reserved.

After immigration, we went to exchange our money, a very easy task! We got our money and went down stairs. I was still worried our car was gone and we would have to figure out the hop on and hop off bus.


We pass through the little gate and a man call my name! Our car! Thank goodness! Whew! I was too nervous with my mom AND daughter! So glad he made it and knew it was us! He pulled around the car, a black 1959 Impala and we rode off! Our driver told us all about the different places we went like Ghandi park and Revolution square. We also saw the Russian and North Korea embassies as well.0630171528_resized0630171644a_resized0630171657_resized0630171735_resized


We saw the park where most people go, Fusterlandia the mosaic house that’s like a neighborhood project and Christopher Columbus graveyard which is really big. He told us that there was a woman who died in childbirth, but when they dug up her grave, the baby was in her arms. They say women who go to her grave are able to have babies after. Very cool story.


After we did our 4 hour tour, I took my mom and daughter back to the ship and my sister and I went back on the island to eat and get some food and drinks.


Streets of Havana0630171818_resized

A cathedral0630171827_resized

$3 margaritas0630171843_resized

This was a delicious sampler plate, only $7!0630171854_resized

Afterwards we got back on the ship and looked at Havana, it was beautiful!


We were supposed to have Cuban dancers perform on board, but they were denied boarding, so there was other entertainment. We just played mini golf and relaxed with ice cream….as well as danced on deck to the Cuban music!


Carnival Paradise cruise to Cuba, Day 2

We woke up the next morning and ate breakfast. The parking deck wasn’t far away. I didn’t park at the official pier because it was more expensive. I went with The Parking Doctors. The parking was $42 for 4 days. So glad I went with them. They had a shuttle as well! We took a 5 minute drive over.

Once we got to the ship, there was Cuban music playing in the check in area. It was awesome! Apparently there were cigars given out, but before we got there, not that we smoke, but my uncle does. I could have taken it to him! LOL! Check in was also easy. As we waited in line, a lady checked to make sure we had our visas and pulled them out. She laughed and said “This is the person in charge of the trip right?” I can’t help it. It’s fun planning trips.

Sweetie Pie at the check in desk with her travel bag.


We had our VISAs all filled out (with a copy at home for our records for 5 years) and they took our picture. The picture was so when we scanned our sign and sail card, it would show up when we got on and off the ship. We got our cards and went onboard! Sweetie Pie and Sweetie Pie’s grandma’s first time on a ship! AND Grandma’s FIRST time using her passport!


We up to eat some lunch and Sweetie and and I went to the pool. It was HOT as heck! I swear, I changed into my swimsuit and could barely do it. You ever had sweat dripping and tried to change into a swimsuit?? It was hell! There is a child pool, hot tub and adult pool at the back of the ship. I was so glad for the children’s pool, but it was so damn hot, I had to lay out and go back and forth to the adult pool to get in and cool off.




Later we met up with my sister and mom and went to our cabin. It was ready! Sweetie Pie loved it. LOL! We had 2 lower bunks and 2 uppers that come out of the ceiling. My sister and I used the uppers. It wasn’t horrible for her, but for me it was! The bed was fine, just climbing the ladder. I decided I was too damn old for this and from now on, we would do an ocean view or move up. I’d go to 2 rooms, but with 2 rooms, the 3rd and 4th people are not cheaper. As it is, cruise fare and port fees for Sweetie Pie and my mom were about $250 for each of them with fees included. I refuse to pay an adult price for Sweetie Pie!

The total price was $1768 because the price kept dropping and we got credit for it on our on board account. That’s a good price, but we did have to buy visas for$75 JUST to get into Cuba. Other than the visas, an inside room on Carnival for 4 people for Thursday-Monday, that price isn’t bad. It was the inaugural sailing, so the price was a bit high. LOL!

 After dinner, we visited Camp Carnival. Sweetie Pie refused to go in there. The ages are separated with 2 to 5,  6 to 11, 12 to 14 and 16 to 18. Sweetie Pie is 5 and saw the toddlers in that room and took off! Next time will be better and she won’t be in “the baby room” as she said. Seriously, it was geared towards toddlers.Sweetie Pie could have read books to those kids! LOL!

She loved Mini golf!


As well as looking at the ocean with juice!


She also herself a note!