Our Plans…

I’ve been thinking for a while about starting a travel blog. I’m not as well seasoned of a traveler as I aspire to be since becoming a mom(I have a 5 year old daughter), but for the trips I do make, I plan and save a TON. One of my favorite things is to coupon. I started before my daughter was born. I had diapers stacked and saved up for months! (I cloth diapered at home, but ¬†at daycare she had to use disposables.) I’ve learned to transfer those savings over to saving for trips.

I am extremely frugal, so it made sense to bring that frugality over to the travel aspect of my life. It’s not smart to spend money, when I can get it for FREE or for a HUGE discount! One of our favorite places to coupon to is Disney. We’ve been to Disney 3 years now and 2 of those 3 years were paid for by my couponing and apps! Very easy to do!

I JUST got my daughter’s passport,so right now our currently lined up trips are Paris in 2017 and a Disney cruise in 2018!

I’ll be blogging our plans soon!


Sweetie Mom