Paris Trip Total

I decided to add up our expenses so far for our Paris trip. I’ve been keeping a running tally to see how it stacked up.  I LOVE saving money. Seriously, I avoid paying full price anytime!

1 Plane tickets- We have 2 round trip tickets with one stop to change planes.Our tickets were $1,294 with travel insurance. We’ll be on United Airlines.

2. Transportation to and from airport- I wanted to take the train, but after being on a plane for 10 hrs and sleeping, I won’t be alert enough for all of that! I’d need to watch luggage AND Sweetie Pie. I purchased a shuttle for us to and fro,to a total of $117.36.Yes, train was cheaper, but having never rode it there, it’s better to err on the side of caution!

3.Hotel-The hotel will be $619 total, 3 nights. Not brave enough for Airbnb yet. 

4. Paris Pass-This is a pass for a LOT of museums and attractions in Paris at a base price.You know the City Passes we have here in the US? Same thing basically! Those for $300 plus a $10 international transaction fee.

5.Disneyland Paris- I decided to go ahead and go. I mean, we’re 20 minutes away by train,why not? Those tickets were $193 plus a $1.50 international fee.
In total, so far we have spent $2535.36 for our trip. This is a 4 day, 3 night trip for . This isn’t including food though, so once I add those in when we get back, I’ll have a total.


Flights- How to get them cheap!


I found our flights to Paris on Secret Flying. In total, I paid $1294 for 3 round trip tickets from Atlanta to Paris. We have insurance with those tickets and one stop each to change planes as well.

Secret Flying is a website where people search and post awesome deals. Most are from major cities, if you are looking within the United States. So if you live far from a major airport, you may have to travel to an airport out of the way just to get the deal.

Another one I like is Google Flights. It’s a search engine from Google to search for flights everywhere. It also has where you can set alerts for a flight with the date. Not sure how many alerts you can set, but I have 4 right now. These deals and Secret Flying hit about the same time too.