Disney Cruise 2018


Our original plan for spring break 2017 was this cruise, but I got a huge deal on the plane tickets to Paris, so I changed it! LOL!

Anyway, our cruise will be 3 adults and 1 child for 3 nights with an ocean view stateroom. We’re going in April, so prices change often with the time of year,number of people and which stateroom you choose.

Here’s our price breakdown:

Passengers 1 and 2-$735.00

Passenger 3-$480

Passenger 4- $460

Taxes and fees- $324.88

TOTAL- $2735.68

Deposit paid- $528.96

Balance Due January 2018- $2,206.72

Our last trip to Disney I paid for all of it with my earned gift card except for I think, $300. I am trying to keep better records for my savings this time around!

I’ve talked about my earnings from gift cards, etc, but for this trip, my big earners are Ibotta and Swagbucks. I going to try to pay for this whole cruise with only the $528.96 I’ve paid with my actual money.

Yes, you read that right. Right now I have 9 months. That means I’ll be husslin’ hard!


Who ya gonna call?

So, I waited a week before we left to solidify our phone plans. I was contemplating renting a phone for $100 ( you get your money back if you return the phone and you have to use at least $10 on the phone.) but I couldn’t pull the trigger.

I was just like, I can’t do it.

It was a waste of money.

Why not just use my phone?

So what if my phone isn’t compatible with Verizon’s international plans?

So I contacted a friend who goes to visit family in Africa and got the deets from her.

I’ll be using WhatsApp! She says it’s good, so it will be my way to contact my momonce we get there!

So here it is: WhatsApp

Savings Hack? Surveys!

I often do surveys because I like to share my opinion with companies. Yes, I’m that person, good or bad, I share!

Recently, my favorite drugstore, CVS, sent me a survey. Now….I do them because I like to… or as with Kroger,  because I get fuel points and save on gas. Savings!

Well, low and be hold about a week later, I get a check for$10! That will go straight into the Disney cruise fund! $10 added to the pot of making our cruise cost only the price of the deposit.

I am attempting to pay the entirety of the cruise with found money….aka money NOT from my check! LOL!

That’s just another  sweet way to add to your vacation fund!