Paris in Spring 2017 Wrap up

My conclusion on Paris?


This trip was more of a dream for my sister and daughter as Paris was the main place they wanted to go, but I was like whatever.

Little did I know! I loved all of the history we were able to see, I mean,the freaking Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, hundreds of other artistic pieces! Stuff that was there since forever! It was just plan awesome!

I loved going to bistros to eat and lingering. These people linger and they will not rush you, just ask about dessert or coffee. I loved eating outside and all of the gardens to sit and enjoy.

The great service was awesome as well. Everyone treated you nicely. No one was rude to you, then nice to the person behind you. It was all the same. Just wonderful!

I think it was awesome because we stayed in a neighborhood. We basically interacted with the people around,which made it even better.

Will I go back to Paris? Yes! AND stay in an Airbnb!



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