Carnival Paradise cruise to Cuba, Day 2

We woke up the next morning and ate breakfast. The parking deck wasn’t far away. I didn’t park at the official pier because it was more expensive. I went with The Parking Doctors. The parking was $42 for 4 days. So glad I went with them. They had a shuttle as well! We took a 5 minute drive over.

Once we got to the ship, there was Cuban music playing in the check in area. It was awesome! Apparently there were cigars given out, but before we got there, not that we smoke, but my uncle does. I could have taken it to him! LOL! Check in was also easy. As we waited in line, a lady checked to make sure we had our visas and pulled them out. She laughed and said “This is the person in charge of the trip right?” I can’t help it. It’s fun planning trips.

Sweetie Pie at the check in desk with her travel bag.


We had our VISAs all filled out (with a copy at home for our records for 5 years) and they took our picture. The picture was so when we scanned our sign and sail card, it would show up when we got on and off the ship. We got our cards and went onboard! Sweetie Pie and Sweetie Pie’s grandma’s first time on a ship! AND Grandma’s FIRST time using her passport!


We up to eat some lunch and Sweetie and and I went to the pool. It was HOT as heck! I swear, I changed into my swimsuit and could barely do it. You ever had sweat dripping and tried to change into a swimsuit?? It was hell! There is a child pool, hot tub and adult pool at the back of the ship. I was so glad for the children’s pool, but it was so damn hot, I had to lay out and go back and forth to the adult pool to get in and cool off.




Later we met up with my sister and mom and went to our cabin. It was ready! Sweetie Pie loved it. LOL! We had 2 lower bunks and 2 uppers that come out of the ceiling. My sister and I used the uppers. It wasn’t horrible for her, but for me it was! The bed was fine, just climbing the ladder. I decided I was too damn old for this and from now on, we would do an ocean view or move up. I’d go to 2 rooms, but with 2 rooms, the 3rd and 4th people are not cheaper. As it is, cruise fare and port fees for Sweetie Pie and my mom were about $250 for each of them with fees included. I refuse to pay an adult price for Sweetie Pie!

The total price was $1768 because the price kept dropping and we got credit for it on our on board account. That’s a good price, but we did have to buy visas for$75 JUST to get into Cuba. Other than the visas, an inside room on Carnival for 4 people for Thursday-Monday, that price isn’t bad. It was the inaugural sailing, so the price was a bit high. LOL!

 After dinner, we visited Camp Carnival. Sweetie Pie refused to go in there. The ages are separated with 2 to 5,  6 to 11, 12 to 14 and 16 to 18. Sweetie Pie is 5 and saw the toddlers in that room and took off! Next time will be better and she won’t be in “the baby room” as she said. Seriously, it was geared towards toddlers.Sweetie Pie could have read books to those kids! LOL!

She loved Mini golf!


As well as looking at the ocean with juice!


She also herself a note!



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