This was the day we arrived in Havana! We pulled in about 11:30 and EVERYONE came out to look at it! I’ve been on cruises before but I have NEVER seen the crew come out and look! It was Carnival’s Inaugural cruise, so I should have expected it.



We looked out and went down. Since we had our own excursion booked, we had to get a letter and they would call us to get of the ship. That was at 11. Since it was new, they said it would take a few hours to get off the ship. We went to the promenade deck to sit and look at Havana. Our tour was at 1:30 so I was already worrying. I logged into my email to email the company I used, so hopefully they would hold our car.

At about 12:30, they said anyone can start coming down. We get down to get off and there are barely any people down there. I know it was the first time, but come on! We get down and go through immigration. My mom and sister go through theirs and my daughter and I go through ours. People said they were unfriendly, not really, just more, I’m here to do my job. I was hoping the people would be like the French, keep to themselves, not talk much….WRONG! LOL! They are VERY friendly! Not that they French are, just more reserved.

After immigration, we went to exchange our money, a very easy task! We got our money and went down stairs. I was still worried our car was gone and we would have to figure out the hop on and hop off bus.


We pass through the little gate and a man call my name! Our car! Thank goodness! Whew! I was too nervous with my mom AND daughter! So glad he made it and knew it was us! He pulled around the car, a black 1959 Impala and we rode off! Our driver told us all about the different places we went like Ghandi park and Revolution square. We also saw the Russian and North Korea embassies as well.0630171528_resized0630171644a_resized0630171657_resized0630171735_resized


We saw the park where most people go, Fusterlandia the mosaic house that’s like a neighborhood project and Christopher Columbus graveyard which is really big. He told us that there was a woman who died in childbirth, but when they dug up her grave, the baby was in her arms. They say women who go to her grave are able to have babies after. Very cool story.


After we did our 4 hour tour, I took my mom and daughter back to the ship and my sister and I went back on the island to eat and get some food and drinks.


Streets of Havana0630171818_resized

A cathedral0630171827_resized

$3 margaritas0630171843_resized

This was a delicious sampler plate, only $7!0630171854_resized

Afterwards we got back on the ship and looked at Havana, it was beautiful!


We were supposed to have Cuban dancers perform on board, but they were denied boarding, so there was other entertainment. We just played mini golf and relaxed with ice cream….as well as danced on deck to the Cuban music!



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